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    written by Tien Frogget

 In a unique blending of photography and art, Marsha Tudor creates breathtaking botanical still lifes and mandalas. What’s so different about her process? Marsha’s camera lens is actually a flatbed scanner and her paintbrush is the computer. It is this unusual medium (called scanography) that gives her work its elegant and almost celestial feel, depicting flowers with gossamer petals that glow from within as they float, suspended in darkness.
Golden Overlay ©Marsha Tudor

Each piece is created through the slow and careful process of placing a group of flora or fruit and vegetables on the scanner and taking several scans.  Tudor then makes adjustments in arrangement and takes great care to remove all dust or dirt that she can find. Every imperfection becomes clearly visible at high resolution scans because every part of the image is in perfect focus, unlike photos taken by a regular camera.  Once she has a scan that she likes, she will spend the next 10-40 hours painstakingly going through the piece at high magnification, digitally removing the inevitable dust and dirt that she missed while scanning, as well as other tears, bruises or spots.


Then the fun begins.

Mandala ©Marsha Tudor
Tudor takes the image into Photoshop and other programs where she adjusts colors and adds layers of texture and other effects. It is her expert processing that takes this typically one-dimensional technology and nurtures it into the three-dimensional artistry displayed in her portfolio. The result is a vast body of work that is simply unparalleled in the world of fine art.
Salsa ©Marsha Tudor
Marsha has a long history in art and creativity, having graduated from California State University East Bay with her Studio Art degree in 1978. Her journey began primarily with drawing and was centered around classical art media, though she was always fascinated by natural and floral subject matter. Marsha also studied horticulture, botany, photography, drafting, landscape architecture, AutoCAD, and computer graphics. Following the upswing of technology, she progressed into the digital arena and completely fell in love with scanner art.  She now works exclusively in scanography.

Currently, Tudor resides in California with her family. Living in an area with such a wide variety of plant life has offered her ongoing inspiration. She spends much of her time creating new works, displaying her art in galleries and shows, and selling them to the interior design industry. Collectors and art appreciators alike have the pleasure of enjoying these stunningly beautiful pieces for years to come.

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