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Blue Carolla ©Bonnie Kelso
Bonnie Kelso paints her own beautiful world of texture and vibrant color. One of the most distinctive aspects of her style is the easy simplicity of shapes and curves that make up much of her portfolio. You feel as though you are looking straight into the heart, soul, and emotion of both her and her chosen subject matter. There is a loving tenderness that is expressed through every stroke of her paintbrush.  Her work is truly one of a kind.

Echo ©Bonnie Kelso
This Florida-born artist gains much of her inspiration from the natural world around her; the landscape, the trees, the sky. Her passion for adventure, travel, and nature are reflected in each of her collections. She spends a great deal of her time backpacking, scuba diving, and rock climbing; constantly exploring the beauty of the world around her and going to new and fantastic places. She loves to capture and document her experiences with her camera and then draw inspiration from her photos later to create paintings.

Kelso grew up exploring nature as well as frequenting the art museums near her home and appreciating the vast collections they had to offer. She studied fine arts at the Rhode Island school of design and later ended up working in the museums she had loved so much in her youth, specializing in exhibition design.

Her innate spirituality and zest for life are not only revealed through her art, but also through her blog, ‘Natural Abstractions.’ She shares many fascinating stories behind what she is currently working on.  It is a joy to read the experiences behind many of her paintings and better understand her incredibly unique voice. It is clear through everything that she creates that she is genuinely true to herself and is living in alignment with her purpose.

Sunset ©Bonnie Kelso
Because of her great love for nature, Kelso donates a portion of her proceeds to nature conservation programs that she believes are in alignment with her mission and purpose in life. They inspire her tremendously and therefore she wants to give back some of what they have helped her to create.  She also sometimes creates artwork for logos and campaigns and often donates her work to fundraising events and charities.

Bonnie Kelso’s work can often be found in shows and exhibits and she currently sells her work online as well as through

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