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The Enchanting Watercolors of Mona McGuire

     written by Tien Frogget

Mona McGuire might as well have a magic paintbrush. Her landscapes are incredible visions of dancing light and color. Each painting is wonderfully lifelike but still soft, dreamy, and imbued with a sense of romanticism. She has a gift for creating enchantment that calls to you through the canvas, beckoning you to walk down the path and into the scene.

Botanical In Blue and Yellow ©Mona Mcquire

Her vast collection of exquisite paintings depict a traveler’s view of  a dozen different countries and cities.  ona’s work allows the viewer to journey to exotic destinations without leaving home. his love for exploring new places is the inspiration for most of her art. She specializes in scenic images of Japan, China, Spain, Ireland, England, Hawaii, California, Mexico, and many of the other places she has traveled to throughout her life.

Steamboat Springs ©Mona McGuire

As well as her ability to create captivating landscapes, McGuire also brings to life a collection of charming still lifes, abstracts, botanicals, and even portraits. Her versatility, knowledge, and ability to create endless picturesque pieces is a gift. It is remarkable the way she can take several completely different photographs of various things and merge them all together into a painting that is entirely different and yet ten times more beautiful. However, it is the love and peace that permeates each painting that truly makes her work magical.

Capistrano Arch ©Mona McGuire

McGuire has spent a lifetime learning and growing as an artist and honing her skills in a variety of classes and workshops. Early on, she attended Salt Lake Community College and BYU. Over the years, she studied with several masters and teachers, including Timothy Clark, Carl Purcell, Frank Covino, Tony Couch, Tom Lynch, Judi Betts, Buck Paulson, and more. Her love for painting has compelled her to create literally hundreds of pieces that have been sold to collectors all over the world.

Mona’s incredible talent for creating beauty has resulted in many awards and a passionate following She has been in a variety of shows and belongs to many art associations and societies. Clients regularly request commissions from her and delight in seeing her newest work. She has taught both watercolor and oil paintings to eager students for over three decades. She is an amazing artist who has inspired dozens of others to find their own artistic voice and brightened countless homes.

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