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The Breathtaking Photography of Tom Griffithe

written by Tien Frogget

Crystal Cove Boardwalk
©Tom Griffithe
Tom Griffithe is a remarkable creator who has the ability to walk the balance between the roles of both photographer and fine artist. Not only does he have the patience to carefully capture breathtaking scenes of Mexico, Monument Valley, Venice, Crystal Cove, and many other celebrated locations; but he does so with his own particular finesse. His gift for composition gives him license to photograph incredibly complex and detailed subjects where most would simply not know where to begin. The mindful placement of so many elements in one frame is reminiscent of the way a landscape painter simply alters the scene to fit their fancy, yet a photographer cannot simply omit a building because he doesn’t like it.

Isle of Capri ©Tom Griffithe
Griffithe makes everything that is already there work together, giving the viewer plenty that is pleasing to the eye to get lost in.

However, Tom goes a step further by taking these already striking subjects and then pushing them beyond what they are currently in order to see their greatest potential. Using the computer mouse as his paintbrush, he enhances textures, colors, and light in a way that adds a sense of wonder and fantasy to each of his pieces. The result is something that could never have been achieved by taking a simple photograph, and probably would have been difficult for any painter to create from scratch. He has found his own unique niche and has become very good at it.

37 Chevy ©Tom Griffithe
Tom was born in Philadelphia but grew up in California and considers it his true home. He was part of the Art Department in college, and graduated from Cal State University Long Beach. For many years he was director of a corporate graphic design group. All the while he has continued to pursue his passion for photography, yet still revealing his love for art by adding his own stylized touches to them.

Griffithe has won a variety of awards and shown his work in many galleries and exhibitions. His photos have been published and reproduced in a significant number of local magazines and newspapers. He sells his work online as well as to the interior design industry through OCDesignerSource.

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