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The Artistic Impressions of Sally Masteller

Interpretations of Roman Frescos
   written by Tien Frogget

Albius ©Sally Masteller
Sally Masteller has a gift for capturing the romance and beauty of a scene.  Her murals bring a sense of warmth and peace to the room, drawing on different realities to alter the feel of the living space. She gives you permission to swim in the deep sea in your bedroom, sleep underneath a canopy of tropical palms, or walk by the sun setting on Tuscany in your hallway. Her paintings are simply smaller versions of these gorgeous masterpieces.

There is a sense of fun and playfulness that her work exudes; you can picture Sally smiling as she plans out the scene, paintbrush in hand. There is no doubt that in her mind, she is already standing in another world, looking out over Venice as the sun sparkles on the water and casts shadows from the gondolas. This is work that not only brings tremendous joy to her, but to those who get to look out on these places every day thanks to her gift.

Livia ©Sally Masteller
Masteller was born in Hollywood, California. She was always an artist at heart, and spent her youth drawing more sheep into the pastoral wallpaper in her room and doodling in class. At 13, she began her first art lessons and never stopped.  In High School she entered a national poster contest and won. After that she studied art in Chicago, New York, and L.A, and enjoyed exploring galleries and museums throughout Europe. She has worked a great deal in commercial illustration, painted over 100 watercolor commissions, and even illustrated children’s books.

Aurelia ©Sally Masteller
It was her decision to paint a mural on the wall of a friend’s house as a baby gift that Sally first discovered her love for this medium. She realized that there was something incredibly freeing about painting without a frame. She continued to pick up more mural commissions and her passion grew. Today she is one of the most well-known muralists in Southern California.

Sally has continued to grow as an artist, venturing into the realm of Italian plasters in order to enhance her already lovely work with a sense of aged antiquity. She delights in creating something that she knows her clients will love every time they walk into a room.

OCDesignerSource currently offers her smaller paintings, allowing everyone to enjoy their own personal slice of Sally Masteller’s versions of paradise. This wonderful alternative is perfect for those who don’t necessarily want a full mural.

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