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Patricia Tyser Carberry, Gifted with Glass

Glass Artist 
     written by Tien Frogget

©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Patricia Tyser Carberry has a gift for working with glass. Inspired by vibrant colors and unique shapes, she creates wearable works of art as well as stylish accents for the home. Beginning only with high quality materials, her wide variety of designs can include any combination of unique elements. She frequently combines her glasswork with metal, powders, lava, freshwater pearls, malachite, amethyst, ammonite, pyrite, semiprecious stones, swarovski crystals, silver and more. It is these touches that make each piece its own work of art.

©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Her fascination with glass is rooted in her original specialty – creating custom stained glass windows for client’s homes. It was her interest in hot molten glass that drew her into the world of jewelry and tile creation. Her tiles are gorgeous colorful limited edition pieces with unique patterns and textures. They add a wonderful splash of eye-catching artistry to walls, counter tops, floors, and even pools. This simple way to spice up any room has become very popular in recent years.

©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Carberry pays careful attention to detail when creating each piece, working meticulously to ensure that every single design is the highest quality that it can be. There is a great deal of passion that comes across as you watch her work. She uses lampworking to craft all of her beads, a technique that has been around for centuries. This process utilizes an oxygen propane tank hotter than 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the glass. Each individual piece is torch-blown or kiln-fused and kiln-annealed. It is this process that makes her jewelry so durable; they become hard as rock and will last for decades, if not longer.

Guiding Star ©Patricia Tyser Carberry
Because every bead is created by hand, and then all of these beads are used to create one-of-a-kind designs that are both elegant and fashionable, each person has the joy of owning their own truly exceptional and timeless heirloom. It is easy to see why her work has come to be so well-loved across the United States. Jewelry collectors and designers alike covet her work. You can find Carberry designs in designer clothing stores, art galleries, and select upscale boutiques throughout the country.

Patricia’s artistic interior design touches are also popular and interior designers love using her tiles as both accents and focal points. She is currently represented by her tiles are available for sale both individually and in bulk amounts on the website.

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