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It is in keeping with the ceremony of the launch of this unique online community of inspired and talented artists, craftsmen and design professionals that I write this post on on the topic of social marketing.

In your respective fields, you cultivate ideas and create unique and compelling stories -masterpieces of art and design... that engage... that excite... that elicit emotion and fulfill desires. This online community will help you all share your individual stories.

Social Marketing is about telling your unique story to your defined market. Social Media is the tool. When individuals in your desired market participate in the process of sharing your vision and promoting your value, they become an integral part of building your brand.

The Community of Art and Design... Was Designed... to provide a forum for the collaboration of IDEAS... to engage each other and the people we seek to serve... and to leverage a world-class network of industry professionals to develop synergies and reach our defined markets.

Enjoy / Participate / Create

Jeff Kratsch
Chief Innovation Officer

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