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Chateau Interiors takes Innovation to a New Level

Premier design centers were not invented overnight without a mastermind behind the wheel. In 1976 Chateau Interior’s owner James P. Warmington, Sr. took on the task of modernizing the builder system by producing an autonomous entity that would provide special design services to their home owners. This addition was aimed at propagating a new partnership with other builders for the common cause of servicing their clients with an above average experience. Bringing in several big players like William Lyons Homes, Gibraltar Homes and the Olsen Company proved the theory to be correct from every angle and the rest is history. Chateau took on the challenge of the current market with an amazing attitude of wisdom and positive aura. Nancy Giangeruso, President of Chateau Interiors thought the way to weather the storm was to make “lifetime customers” or “lifetime design services”. This innovative thinking has led this superior design center to reach new heights by bringing services to their previous clientele and much more.

Opening Chateau’s doors to independent designers to host their clients has brought a positive influx of new talents through their doors. Nancy met with several designers and found that many of them had to resort to working from home during the downturn and a quality showroom was exactly what they were looking for. She thought the way to approach a safe, positive environment for the designers was to continue to add cutting edge product lines and offer educational experiences to improve their knowledge level on new products. They host Chateau Learning Center every Thursday, as well as online training with a diverse range of subjects. Everything from product training, business etiquette to marketing to women can be found on their website at Nancy’s own design team has had positive results with the Chateau Learning Center taking mill tours and learning about some of the newest green products like Ecosmart burners known for clean burn ethanol. As the new laws have brought many designers to need their license to keep the title “Interior Designer”, Nancy hopes to see her team extend their professionalism into this arena.

Chateau Interiors offers an impressive setting to remodel your home with expert design services, flooring, countertops and window coverings. They also host, through the expertise of Rhonda Dunlevie, Interior Consultants, a designer furniture and accessories expert for the perfect professional touch to finish a remodel. Continuing on the quest to be a full spectrum remodeling entity, Chateau has partnered with to offer prescreened “A” rated tradesmen, as well as, fine art for the final personalized finish. Michele Preston and Michele Wiemann, owners of have found Nancy to be an amazing leader in her visions and also find her attitude of positive policies to be most appealing. Chateau will continue to be a strong force of customer service standards in the building industry also as they own an operating system called “Studio Chateau” which originally carried the name “Options Online”. This amazing software is not just used by Chateau, but is used and available to other builders, design centers and flooring contractors. It offers a preview to the options available in a new home in which a client can make a wish list before meeting with their designer for the final choices. It also provides purchase orders on the back side for the ordered items and many other features that make option programs much easier.

Taking the approach of the upcoming market with diligence and customized ideas can help your company follow similar paths as Chateau Interiors. All companies can learn from this example by bringing new development into their business that might have been there all along, but just needed to be cultivated. Making your previous customers “lifetime customers” and taking an opportunity to learn about new products will give you a positive rebuilding experience to bring your success to a new level.

By Michele Preston, LLC

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