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Do Americans undervalue Art?
     ...written by Tien Frogget

It’s sad to say, but in this day and age the number of interior designers who undervalue the purpose of art is growing rapidly. Too many professionals are spending all of their effort and focus on all of the other aspects of design; the flooring, the furniture, the lighting, and all of the accessories. Then when they’re all done they stand back and go, “I really need to put some art right here.” But they’ve spent almost all of their budget on everything else. So they go out and try to find the most inexpensive art they can find that matches their color scheme, slap it on the wall, and call it a day.

European Practice
Whatever happened to the days of beginning with a piece of art that truly moves you, and building your whole design concept around that? This is still common practice for a lot of Europeans and wow-oh-wow you should see some of the living spaces that are the result! In many ways, a piece of art can offer so much inspiration for the room: a delicious color palette, repetition of shapes and patterns, even the style of the art itself can lend flavor to the room’s décor.

Timelessness of Art
And the result? A more unified theme with elegantly integrated elements all working together to create balance and harmony. Not only that, the room becomes so much more personal.  The occupants will be able to sit back and enjoy a favorite piece of art time and again that they already know and love, rather than just passing by another design element every day that disappears into everything else. It becomes a focal point and a conversation piece, an opportunity for the owner to proudly show off their prize at their next soiree.

Taking It to the Next Level
Knowing how to integrate high-quality art into a design is truly a skill that only the best designers can brag about. But if you want to take your work to the next level, this is an excellent direction to focus. Imagine working with your clients to find works of art that they absolutely love and then building their design around them. You will be surprised by the new dimension that your room takes and your clients will be absolutely delighted when they see the end result. The home becomes infinitely more meaningful and their satisfaction will be your reward.

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