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Why Do We Undervalue Creativity?
Creativity is the very force that propels us forward in every single aspect of life. It is creativity that gives us new possibilities, that innovates and streamlines the way we do everything.

It's creativity that inspires new technologies and has transformed the human race from a life-of-pure-survival to a society that is increasingly more entertainment and joy-based than ever before in history.

Edward de Bono said it beautifully…  
“There is no doubt that creativity is
the most important human resource of all.”

Ansel Adams
I know people who create the most extraordinary things. They are unbelievably talented. Some are artists and photographers, others are writers.

Norman Rockwell The Artist at Work
Artists are often told and some believe, that they should work for next to nothing and be grateful to be doing what they love. They're told it is a necessary stepping stone and some have bought into this model. They live only a fraction of their potential because they spend more time trying to figure out how to survive rather than focusing on their incredible creativity.

Don’t Fall Into This Trap
Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci
If you don’t sell it for what it’s worth, you are NOT making a living doing what you love — you’re selling yourself out by shouting to the world, “My work has no worth!”

A Fact: People have been buying art for decades, and they are going to continue to buy it forever; because it has worth to them. Historically, art continues to become an ever more valuable commodity, because more and more people recognize that art, unlike everything else — has never depreciated! If all art were expensive, people would still buy it.

Victoria Falls
Art Feeds the Soul
Art is a song that sings from your wall every day. It inspires you and every person that visits your home. If beauty wasn’t important to us, we would all be living in  white cubes and we would never want to vacation in gorgeously landscaped resorts. We would never feel inspired to travel to see the wonders of the world. We'd wear the same uniform every day, eat bland food and never listen to music.

When you buy art, you are not only purchasing something that will beautify your home and light up the space you live in, you are making a statement about your values.

You are saying,
“Creativity is important to me.
I am supporting the spiritual growth and talent of these individuals
who have the ability to create and capture the beauty that exists around us.
The beauty that we don’t all have the opportunity to see.
I am helping to shift the perception of our planet...
one piece of art at a time.”
Gustav Klimt, The Kiss

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