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5 More Ways To Promote Your Creative Business

     written by Tien Frogget

When it comes to promoting what you do, there are several other effective ways to showcase your talents and bring in business. Of course, you want to work smarter – not harder. So here are five more highly effective things that you can do that can have a potentially huge return.

#1 – Ask For Referrals
The people who have bought from you in the past, as well as your family and friends, are an incredible (and often untapped) resource. A lot of times, people either don’t think to ask for a referral or they worry that the person will feel pressured. Quite the opposite! All you are doing is asking a simple question – “do you know anyone else who could benefit from my services?” They will mentally run through their list of contact and think, “you know, Jenny was talking about wanting to redesign her house. This would be perfect.” The worst that will happen is they will say no – but more likely than not, you will be surprised at the number of referrals you get, just from asking!

#2 – Start a Mailing List
A mailing list is an incredibly powerful tool. These people are basically giving you permission to e-mail them and promote your stuff! The trick is, you’ve got to do it effectively. Don’t bombard them with too much mail. Once or twice a month is plenty; more than that and people will get tired of it and unsubscribe. Less than that, and they will forget they opted-in and won’t remember who you are. And most importantly: provide value! Don’t just send them links to your latest products, give them good information so that they appreciate your newsletter and want to stay on it. This leads me to…

#3 – Write An Article
Write five articles… or ten! Articles are one of the best ways to be found online. You are providing good, valuable information about your niche and also setting yourself up as the expert in the readers’ eyes. You will gain their trust and (so long as you don’t do anything to squash it) most likely be interested in learning more.

#4 – Write A Press Release
Different than an article, a press release is a more newsworthy and concisely written piece. It is very effective when you are doing something new within your business, or a event is coming up. Rather than being written to teach, a press release is meant to inform the reader of the latest big thing that’s going on with you.

#5 – Write A Book
A much more time-consuming affair, definitely. But worth it? Yes, a thousand times over. A book is not only a way to inform and gain trust, just like an article, but it is also an extra source of income! A book is written once, but it can be sold over and over again. And if you’ve written several highly useful articles and started a mailing list, you will already have people lining up to buy it.

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