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Abstracts in Mixed Media

   written by Tien Frogge't

Dramatic splashes of color and fluid form mingle in an exotic dance between the physical realm and the ethereal. Contrasting hues reflect each other, portraying a serene and delicate balance of opposing forces.  Here is an artist who has created a whole new language of emotion through abstract shape.

New York ©Charaka Simoncelli
With works that are utterly mysterious in nature and unendingly compelling, Italian artist Charaka Simocelli captures the fiery passion of the human heart and sets it to paper.  She  reels you in slowly and mesmerizes you with lines and loops, drips, spatters, and vague textures embellished with deliberate detail.  You could stare forever and never cease to find more layers of meaning in this cryptically rich body of work.  But losing yourself is the fun part! 

Who is this remarkable woman and how did she become the artist she is today?  Her education involved years of study at the R. Steiner Academy in Milano, then the University of Creativity in India and finally another two years at the Image University in Milano.  Her career is layered with over a dozen gallery exhibitions, dotted with awards, and highlighted by much acclaim.  Along the way, her great love for travel has taken her to many countries and earned her a diverse audience of admirers and supporters from all over the world.

Bamboo Verdi II ©Charaka Simoncelli
Though Charaka’s works are labyrinthine windows into her own unique universe, the most wonderful thing about her art is that it is also eternally ambiguous.  There is so much left open for your own interpretation. A single piece can evoke a mixture of impressions and sensations for each individual, speaking to everyone in their own inner languages.  It is not simply art that you hang on your wall to fill the spaces.  Like a polished piece of fine classical music, her works have the potential to uncover portals to new thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  It is no wonder that collectors everywhere cherish her work.

OC Designer Source is the excusive licensor of Simoncelli’s work in the United States. If you are interested in licensing her art please contact us through

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